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SNORKELING EXPEDITIONS is a small company dedicated to adventure and exploration trips for very small groups. Our team is managed by Matthieu Petit – Marine Biologist and Trevor Orth – Waterman, Boat Captain and Naturalist. Matthieu and Trevor have different backgrounds and experience but share the same philosophy: to keep our guests safe and to provide you with the most personalized and exciting experience while minimizing our impact on the marine wildlife and their environment. We are all warm and fun-loving people, so join the most passionate and dedicated staff of professional naturalist guides in French Polynesia!

Our team has a strong background in marine conservation, research and establishing sustainable ecotourism programs here in French Polynesia. During 9 years Matthieu was a Marine Biologist working with local NGOs, University of French Polynesia or research centers. We also manage a private tour company located in Moorea and called Moorea Ocean Adventures since several years.

Our dedication to sustainable ecotourism and marine conservation plays an integral part of every expedition we lead. Our Trip Leaders and local team are dedicated to ensuring each snorkeling and interaction follows all the local rules, regulations and guidelines to ensure safe and respectful encounters.

During each expedition we offer information about the species we observe. We encourage questions, but we never preach. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with inquisitive guests!

SNORKELING EXPEDITIONS supports and follows all Marine Wildlife interaction rules and regulations. Not only do these rules ensure the safety of our guests, they also ensure protection of marine wildlife species and integrity of the marine habitat for years to come. One thing not everyone realizes is that when following the interaction guidelines, encounters with marine wildlife are more natural, usually last longer and often there are repeated observations.

We ask our guests to respect some rules to ensure the long term health of the French Polynesia reefs and ocean ecosystems: no waste thrown into the sea, using biodegradable ‘reef friendly’ sunscreen, no feeding of the sea animals, no touching the coral colonies and no collecting of any kind.

SNORKELING EXPEDITIONS collects sighting data for marine species on each and every tour. When you join us, you are supporting our efforts to collect data for the French Polynesian Office of the Environment. This data is used to understand the populations and distribution of marine wildlife.

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Reef Snorkeling with marine biologist French Polynesia


Matthieu PETIT marine Biologist Snorkeling Expeditions

Matthieu PETIT

Marine Biologist, Manager & Co-owner

Matthieu has been passionated by marine widlife its entire life. Working in French Polynesia as graduated marine biologist since 14 years, he has a deep knowledge of marine species and ecosystems of French Polynesia. He worked in partnerships with local NGOs, research centers, universities as well as filmakers and National Geographic reporters.

Trevor ORTH Snorkeling Expeditions

Trevor ORTH

Naturalist Guide, Boat Captain & Co-owner

Trevor is an accomplished freediver, spear fisherman, boat captain and tour guide. Born in California, Trevor is half American and half Tahitian and knows perfectly the traditionnal way of living in the Tuamotu . With hundreds of days spent on the water driving boats or swimming with big animals in the open ocean, he’s the perfect guide for your snorkeling expedition.

Vincent LABRUNE Snorkeling Expeditions


Naturalist Guide

Vincent holds a degree in marine biology and is an experimented guide specialized on open water snorkeling and encounters with pelagic sharks and marine mammals. He left everything in France to leave his passion for the ocean in Australia first where he worked with sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins and in French Polynesia then. He works as guide and captain for our sister company, Moorea Ocean Adventures.