Unique Adventure trips to remote islands and pristine reefs of the South Pacific

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We deliver unique encounters with ocean’s most iconic animals and explore some of the last healthy marine areas and preserved coral reefs of the planet. From swimming with more than 10 species of sharks to drifting in the wild passes of the Tuamotu, our expeditions create life changing experiences and an ultimate adventure that you will never forget. Join us beyond the expected as we experience all the magic of the South Pacific.

SNORKELING EXPEDITIONS runs adventure trips to explore, discover and feel the biodiversity and way of life of the remote islands of French Polynesia. Mainly dedicated to the snorkeling activity and underwater encounters with marine species, our adventure expeditions are like no other.

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Why Join us ? Have you dreamed of an original ocean free from the impacts of human activities like overfishing or pollution? Have you ever snorkeled in the middle of a natural aquarium filled with thousands of tropical fish, graceful sea turtles or majestic manta rays? Would you like to explore and swim in Commander Cousteau’s foosteps while discovering remote aquatic landscapes?


We love wild landscapes and remote areas far from the crowds as well as exploring places where nobody goes. What we provide is unique in French Polynesia: we are the only ones to set up snorkeling expeditions in these areas.


We think that expeditions and marine life encounters are so much better and sustainable with very small groups. Sharing with others, discovering new landcapes and approaching wild animals is easier and deeper when you are only a few.


Our trip leaders are english and french speaking local guides, all marine biologists or naturalist guides with a deep knowledge and experience of marine wildlife, sustainable tourism and polynesian way of life.


In order to remember your encounters with manta rays, reef sharks, napoleon wrasses and every moment about your polynesian journey, our team provides our guests a full HD edited video of each expedition.

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Tuamotu Islands: a huge playfield for snorkelers

French Polynesia is a huge sanctuary for marine life, as vast as Europe and home to 121 tropical islands. While most of the islands are inhabited by very few people, the remote archipelagoes of French Polynesia represent one of the last wild tropical areas of the planet. Approximatively 15 islands only have diving centers or snorkeling tours. On all the other islands, pristine reefs and pelagic areas still wait to be explored by adventurers in love with marine life. This is where your polynesian journey begins !

Even if the snorkeling adventures we propose are exceptional, Tuamotu islands are a wild environment, far from modern world, with possible strong weather conditions (strong heat, winds and rough-seas), sea currents, local pests (mosquitoes, sand flies, cockroaches) and potential dangers due to marine life.

Contact our team of experts to know more about the conditions, which expedition is the most adapted to your preferences, skills and expectations and how to be prepared for it !

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