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Country: French Polynesia – Archipelago : Tuamotu Islands – Main Base : We keep it secret !

Our destination is a couple of very remote low islands located in the Tuamotu Archipelago. These two atolls are very sparsely inhabited and very rarely visited by tourists. Here, coral reefs and the open ocean do not suffer any big impact from human activity and are close to their original state. An exuberant and rich fauna can be encountered there and you are guaranteed to be alone in your snorkeling areas. It is truly an off the beaten track destination. This is why we want to keep it secret: we want this place to remain preserved and avoid any mass tourism to set up here.

Staying on a remote island also means adaptability in terms of accommodation and comfort. There is no luxury hotel here and accommodation remains basic while meeting the basic rules of cleanliness, privacy and security. On the other hand, you will have the privilege of embarking on a nonesuch adventure and exploring places that only a very few divers have been able to see before.


Each Year: March – April – May – November – December. Contact us to know the accurate dates


7 days including 6 days of snorkeling. Contact us to know the prices

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Pelagic sharks: Oceanich whitetip, silky, and whale sharks. There are only a few world destinations where you can meet the endangered oceanic whitetip shark. During the Ultimate Expedition, we have frequent encounters with oceanic whitetips and silky sharks together. In season, there are also a lot of whale sharks sightings in the area and swimming along them in crystalclear waters is unforgettable.

Giant schools of fish: Here far from civilization, fish are gathering in huge quantities. We meet schools of thousands or hundreds of thousands fish. Snappers, Jackfish, Unicornfish or Surgeonfish make schools so thick and compact that it is sometimes not possible to see the bottom under them for hundreds of meters. Immerse yourself in the middle of the fish and watch them surrounding you!

Reef sharks and manta rays: Manta rays are a common species in one of the two islands we will explore. Located in the lagoon, they are very curious and come to visit the snorkelers. You will also meet a bunch of reef sharks including blacktips, gray reef, whitetips, silvertips and with some luck the blackfin sharks.

Among the other possible encounters, there are stingrays, eagle rays, dolphins and seaturtles.

Seabirds and coconut crabs: we like to do a break between two snorkeling sometimes and this is the opportunity to explore the fossilized reefs, natural pools and primary forest. Here we can watch birds nesting and meet the world bigger land crustacean : the coconut crab.


Oceanic whitetip Shark Expedition


ADVANCED : A medium to strong snorkeling/ freediving/scubadiving experience is required. To join this expedition, you need to be in good shape, to be very easy in the water, to not be scared by the deep blue and big marine species. We also recommend our guests to be able to freedive below 5 meters deep.

We ask every guest to have an international diving insurance and to inform us of any present or past health issue that may represent a risk during the expedition.



Weather: In French Polynesia, the climate is tropical – warm and humid. In the Tuamotu, the sun is strong and the heat makes precautions necessary: sunscreen, hats and regular hydration.

Navigation : The islands are wide and large. By consequence, the navigation times can be long sometimes (up to 2 hours). We provide an unique adventure expedition but you need to be in your element on a boat.

Language: In the Tuamotu, locals speak tahitian and french. During the expedition, you will always have at least one english-speaking guide with you.

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Oceanic whitetip Shark Expedition



  • 6 days of snorkeling/exploration on the field with an experimented naturalist/marine biologist and a local boat captain.
  • All boat transfers to different islands and snorkeling sites
  • Accommodation during the 7 days of the expedition. Twin share rooms.
  • Meals: Full board – breakfast, takeaways for the lunch and proper local meal for the dinner (please inform us in advance of any food requirement).
  • Non-Alcoholic drinks
  • A full HD edited video of your expedition


  • Flights to come in and leave the islands
  • Excess Baggage fees
  • Personal snorkeling gear
  • Travel/Dive Insurance (required)
  • Alcohol and additionnal snacks
  • Crew gratuities
  • Personal expenses including anti-mosquitoes spray or sunscreen


  • Your personal snorkeling gear: fins, mask, snorkel, lycra or wetsuit top
  • Rain Jacket, long sleeves t-shirt, hats and sunglasses
  • Anti-Mosquitoes spray and sunscreen
  • Camera recommended
  • Travel/Dive Insurance
  • Watershoes
  • Waterproof bag


The itineray will be adapted to the weather forecast. We will possibly sleep in two to three different locations and will visit two islands (transfers by boat). We will have backplan activities in case of bad weather or just if everybody needs a break : visit or a black pearl farm, exploration of the islets and bird watching, traditional activities...


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